OHH Speaker Series

We are excited to announce our upcoming Speaker Series, set to feature industry leaders both from the oil and gas arena and beyond. Our goal with this program is to provide our members with valuable information for both professional and personal development, while also facilitating important networking opportunities and spreading awareness of OHH’s mission. If you like to speak or recommend a topic or presenter, please email us.

January's featured speaker will be This month's speaker is Chris Ely, CEO of Wellsite.com. He will discuss A.I. in the oil & gas industry.

Chris has more than 21 years of drilling exploration knowledge and experience.

He began his oilfield career in 1996 with Nabors Industries after graduating college with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration from Sam Houston State University. Chris diversified his knowledge and experience by entering the field of fluids engineering and worked in the industry across the West Coast until 1999 when he joined Schlumberger as an MWD/LWD Engineer. Since 1999, he has dedicated his career to directional drilling services and has held positions spanning three continents and more than eight countries.

He has assisted multinational directional drilling companies with technical process writing, operations management, risk analysis, training programs and technology development. Chris continues to focus on technology development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms at Wellsite.