Who We Are

Oilfield Helping Hands, established in Houston in 2003 as a nonprofit charitable organization, helps oilfield families in financial crisis. Since 2003, the organization has provided more than $3.2 million (through 2015) to industry workers and their families, and continues to work in the most economical fashion to maximize the funds available to recipients each year. Since our beginning, we have expanded to establish chapters in Oklahoma, Acadiana, Rocky Mountain, Permian and South Texas, and are working toward establishing chapters in other areas of the United States that have an active oilfield community.

We are a group of volunteers who raise funds through donations, corporate memberships and annual fund-raising events. We welcome individual members, volunteers, event sponsors and corporate members to help us continue to be the premier charitable organization for the oilfield community.

It’s easy to join (and free for individual members), plus it is rewarding and fun. We invite you to get involved.

Download our brochure to learn more on getting involved, our membership flyer or a handout of how you can get involved.


President’s Message

Dear OHH members, friends and colleagues,
I hope that your holidays were filled with joy and happiness and that you were blessed with family, friends and loved ones around you throughout Christmas and at the close of 2015.

We are embarking on a new year, one in which we will all face many challenges as well as many new opportunities. We should welcome the challenges and grasp these opportunities as they will only make us stronger and better human beings.

To my surprise, I was nominated and subsequently elected by the Board of Directors as the 2016-2017 President and Chairman of the Board of Oilfield Helping Hands. This is a tremendous and once in a lifetime honor and one that I will forever hold dear. To follow in the footsteps of such great men as Greg Rachal, Richard Saxon, Rich Orr, Jim Boecker and Gary Brooks is truly an honor and one that I will not take lightly. It is with profound respect that I pledge my commitment to lead this great organization with humility, grace, compassion and professionalism. READ MORE