Our Mission

The Oilfield Helping Hands mission outlines who we are as an organization and defines the need we will fulfill:

Oilfield Helping Hands is a nonprofit charitable organization comprised of volunteers devoted to providing financial assistance to oilfield workers in financial crisis, who live and/or work in the designated territories of our chapters or for one of our many corporate members. To be successful, OHH must focus on the needs of our recipients. We will continually work in the most economical fashion to maximize the amount of monies available for distribution to our recipients each year.

In the event of a regional, natural or manmade disaster within the continental United States of America, OHH is also ready to respond. If such an event were to occur, OHH will work with other oil and gas industry organizations to provide financial assistance to oilfield workers affected through joint fundraising events.

To maximize our financial contributions to recipients, OHH will:

  • Seek out volunteer assistance from the oilfield community
  • Seek out donations for products, services and manpower 
  • Support a frugal work ethic
  • Recognize our responsibility to help fellow workers
  • Continually apply new ideas to generate revenue for OHH
  • Maintain integrity in our operations and respect for the people we serve
  • Recognize, but for the grace of God, we could ourselves be in a crisis situation

By virtue of our mission and values, Oilfield Helping Hands will be a premier charitable organization for the oilfield community. OHH expects no less than to continue to successfully deliver financial assistance to our fellow workers in financial crisis, as the organization has for several years.

We can only accomplish this with the efforts and participation of our members, volunteers, sponsors and participants. We must commit to promoting a climate of enthusiasm, teamwork and volunteerism to keep our efforts going and to continuing changing lives!